Find Me & My records

The first fanclub was located in Christiansfeld near Kolding, and the address was: Me&My Fanclub Denmark, Postbox 108, 6070 Christiansfeld (as printed on the the Baby Boy & Lion Eddie single and the first album).
It was probably run by a member of their family (my guess is their father), because the letters that came from that fanclub were signed by E. Georgi.
You could even phone them to ask questions or to order some merchandise. They offered a membership with 4 fan magazines a year. Only one late magazine made it and it looked like they printed it themselves (although the colour quality was very good).

After some time of silence and me persevering and phoning to their management in Aalborg (T.G. Management by John Aagaard), I heard that they had changed management. They gave me a new phone number of First Class Management in Kolding.
So I phoned them and learned that they also had taken over the fanclub. This resulted in yet only 1 new magazine (maybe only I got one, that's also possible and more probable).
This magazine looked more professional and was actually an A2 poster folded twice, so it had size A4. In this magazine there was mention of a website that they were making, on which you could also order their merchandise.
That was in Fall 1997. We now know that there wasn't a website until June 2000. However it said it was under REconstruction then. Was there a site before that ? Because it also mentions that you could email the fanclub with questions. So was their any fanclub activity between 1997 and 2001? That's 3 years.
Then the next update that we can find is in January 2001, when the Fly High Single & Album were on the way, was the new site as we know it. With no more mention about any fanclub or merchandise. This was probably also due to EMI Denmark being in bad money (not confirmed though) and the singles and albums were only released in Denmark and Spain (and Japan?), therefore not being able to reach fans in other countries. Which is a pity because Fly High would have sold good in Europe, especially Belgium & The Netherlands.

To be continued... ;-)